Swimming Classes For Adults

It doesn’t matter which level of swimmer are you, beginner, and intermediate or advanced, we offer adult swimming lessons for everyone. We provide a warm and caring environment so that you can reach individual goals. Our trained instructors are always there to guide you through the learning process at your own pace.

Swimming Classes For Kids

Knowledge has always been considered as one of the most valuable gifts for the children. As a matter of fact, swimming is a delightful, healthy and useful skill. It is very important for the kids to learn it at a younger age. It is a time when it is easy to learn something new. Most importantly, swimming lessons support your children by establishing a friendly and safe environment.

In fact, swimming helps you to open a door of experiences and opportunities for the youngsters. Swimming provides a lifetime opportunity to improve your health, become athletic and explore the world.

Parent & Child Swimming Classes

There are many little kids who are just starting out with the swimming lessons. It is important to teach this skill because it can impact the future life of your little ones. The learning experience can be improved when parents are also involved in the learning process. Our swimming lessons involve safety skills, breath control, and water exploration.

Special Needs Swimming Classes

Swimming is one of the major challenges for kids with special needs. However, it is equally important to overcome this fear for them. To help you with this issue, we offer customized swimming classes for special children. These lessons are open to everyone either your child has a physical disability, autism, or any other challenge. These swimming lessons will definitely help your child to improve his fitness level, confidence and learn about water safety.

Swimming Classes for All Ages

We offer swimming classes considering the different multiple competency levels of all age groups. Moreover, the lessons are designed to be based on grouping preferences, learning goals and individual water confidence.

Aqua Fitness Classes

It is a well-known fact that the weight of our body is reduced to around 90% underwater. Water definitely provides maximum pull from all sides. Additionally, when you increase your speed, you may experience a greater amount of workload. 

Water-based exercises come to various advantages. These exercises help you to increase your metabolism, motion, flexibility, and strength. Water fitness classes are effective for weight loss programs and help you to recover from an injury.

Aqua Bike Classes

Have you ever thought about exercising on a bike underwater? Aqua Bike is such a technique
that basically helps you to burn around 800 calories during a single session.

This technique also enhances your cardiovascular fitness. Many people believe that water-based training sessions are the most effective amongst all. They are best suited especially for those who are either trying to recover from an injury or have limited mobility.

Float Fit Classes

If you want full-body exercise and want to become fit with professional guidance, choose no other than Float Fit fitness classes. You will get a full-scale fitness regime with varieties of options such as squats, mountain climbing and lunges which will help you to become fit and get in shape in no time. The exciting part is that these exercises are conducted on water using the world’s first floating exercise mat which means lots of fun and exercise together.

Now burning calories are no more difficult because Float Fit classes offer you an exciting and fun-filled way to improve your athleticism by burning calories, improving your balance and coordination, as well as building your muscular strength. You will also have several other benefits such as improved metabolism, mobility, stability, agility, mental resilience, cardiovascular capacity and endurance.


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